Porcelain Crowns

Are you self-conscious about your smile due to cracked, broken, decayed, or worn teeth? If so, porcelain crowns can restore your healthy, natural-looking smile once again. A filling can restore a small defect in a tooth, but a crown is the most durable way to restore any tooth with extensive damage. With all the materials and techniques modern dentistry has to offer, crowns can be completely natural looking. Additional benefits of crowns include: correcting bite problems; closing spaces between teeth; changing the angulations of teeth; and, permanently replacing missing teeth as part of a bridge or over an implant.

Gold Crowns

Your teeth undergo a tremendous amount of wear and tear during your lifetime. Teeth may show this wear in a variety of ways, including discoloration, chipping, and cracking. Crowns restore your teeth and your smile to look brilliant once again. Porcelain crowns can be made out of porcelain pressed to metal or out of all porcelain and can be shaded to match your other teeth. Crowns made of precious metal (like gold) are also an option. After some tooth preparation, crowns are specially fitted to restore the look and functionality of your smile. If you have pain when chewing or if you experience temperature sensitivity, ask Dr. LoVerdi if crowns are right for you.

Q: What is a crown, and why might I need one?

A: If your doctor has recommended a crown to you, it is likely either to correct a broken tooth or to repair a tooth that has deteriorated due to cavities (decay). The decay in your tooth eats away healthy tooth structure much like rust eats away at metal. If not removed, decay will deteriorate the tooth to the point where extraction is the only viable treatment option. Sometimes, decay is removed, leaving healthy tooth structure but not much of it. A crown can then be placed, restoring the look and function of your tooth, while allowing you to keep your natural, underlying tooth structure. Most crowns are precision-milled porcelain or full metal (gold) and are individually customized for each application in each patient, giving you a natural, long-lasting smile.


A porcelain bridge custom designed by Dr. LoVerdi keeps your smile aligned and your bite functional.


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