Sedation Dentistry

You deserve to feel comfortable and confident when visiting LoVerdi Dental. For those who suffer from extreme anxiety, our office offers sedation dentistry as a safe and reliable way for you to feel relaxed. With extensive training in sedation dentistry, Dr. LoVerdi leads his team in offering you the most comfortable experience possible. If you have been putting off years of dental work, while living in pain or with embarrassing oral problems, sedation dentistry can change your life. Enjoy the following types of sedation to ease your anxiety:

  • Conscious sedation
  • Oral sedation
  • Nitrous oxide (laughing gas)

IV Sedation Dentistry

You can be perfectly relaxed during your trip to the dentist―even while undergoing treatment! For the fastest and most dramatic results, LoVerdi Dental offers IV sedation dentistry―designed to relax you and to make you more comfortable during complicated dental procedures. IV stands for intravenous, which means that the medication that helps sedate you is administered through the veins, eliminating your anxiety, as well as your pain. This method allows you to become relaxed at a much faster rate than with other sedation methods.

Even if you are afraid of needles, the IV needle is so small that most patients liken it to a tiny pinch or a pinprick as the insertion is made, usually at the top of the hand or within the inside of your elbow. Dr. Germiniani and the LoVerdi dental team are very experienced in these techniques. Should you choose IV sedation, they will be sure to create a comfortable experience for you.

Q: I really don’t like visiting the dentist; is there anything you can do to help me relax?

A: Many people are uncomfortable when visiting the dentist. Your comfort and safety are our highest priorities, and our office is designed so that you can enjoy a relaxing dental visit. For entertainment and distraction, stereo headphones with music, video glasses for watching movies, and heated massage cushions are available so you can keep your mind on more pleasant things. Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is also offered to keep you comfortable and relaxed. You may also enjoy paraffin hand treatments or a heated facial/sinus mask during your treatment.


“Great office staff, have gone far beyond what was needed and it has been a great experience. Would definitely recommend!”

• Heather G.

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