Tooth-Colored Fillings

Are you embarrassed about your smile because of decayed, disfigured, or discolored teeth? If so, you may be a good candidate for composite resins. Composite resins―also known as tooth-colored fillings―offer a non-invasive way to improve your smile. A composite resin is a mixture of microscopic ceramic and glass particles dispersed in a plastic resin that can be bonded to teeth. The material comes in a wide range of shades and can be molded and sculpted to create almost any shape or contour. The fact that the resin is bonded means that a seal is formed to reduce the chance of leakage, which is common with silver fillings. For years, silver/mercury was the primary material used by dentists to fill cavities, but today, tooth-colored restorations are superior both in appearance and in durability. You deserve only the best, which is why Dr. LoVerdi offers tooth-colored restorations. If you have any concerns about the appearance of your teeth, give us a call for an evaluation to see if tooth-colored fillings of composite resin will give you the smile you’ve always wanted and the enhanced self-confidence that goes along with it.


Bonding refers to the placement of tooth-colored resin to correct chipped and broken teeth.


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